About Us

We believe here in the Balisimo Spa that our main goal is to give our customers and new clients great experience and satisfaction once you availed the products and services. We have a lot of services that we can offer to you about his matter and we can also give some suggestions about the best one that you can choose. As you go along in browsing our pages here, you would see and learn more things about the company and the different services that we ca offer to you.  

We’re known for being the best wedding planner in town and we will assure you of this as we can give you a great outline and ideas for your wedding. We knew how important for a person to get married and have the best time in his or her wedding so we want to make it more memorable and excellent. We can make a plan for your wedding including the venue of the wedding, the food, the reception, the guest lists and many more to provide them all in one. We can also cater different kinds of parties like birthdays, baptism, anniversaries, celebrations and other good things that happened in your life.  

With regards to this, we have house cleaning and garden trimming of the trees and plants. We are using the most advanced and great machines for the pressure washing, removing the dirt and stain on the wall. If you have some clarifications and questions about these services you can contact us now.